Link Love: 9.2.10

link love typography

link love


• Intriguing: an office in the forest.

• The Atlantic wonders aloud, What’s really the matter with 20-somethings?

• Graphic design throughout the decades: the 1970s!

• What is a typical day like for Barack Obama?

• Illustrator San shares some really helpful information about finances and how she makes ends meet. It’s always great to hear real life experiences from full-time freelancers.

• Fashion photographer Tommy of Jak & Jil took a weeklong vacation at Parrot Cay and the stunning photos perfectly convey the sense of peace, quiet and perfectness of this tropical locale. I’m sold!

• The dark side of being pretty.

• Anna of D16 shares her magical experience at the 2nd annual Brooklyn Loves Michael Jackson Party! And, get this — Snoop took to the stage in a glitter glove!!!

• I totally love Kris Atomic’s candy colored photographs of Brighton in the U.K.

• Jane has the best ever pairings of socks and shoes. The proof is right here.

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