A Salute to the King of Virgos

what i wore nubby twiglet fashion style outfit

what i wore nubby twiglet fashion style outfit

Today wouldn’t be complete without a little shout-out to my all-time favorite Virgo, Michael Jackson. It goes without saying that his influence and legacy will live on forever. I remember when I used to show up to my first agency job and the boys would say, “You look like Michael Jackson!” Ha. I thanked them for the compliment! I guess I’ve just always been drawn to his tough, military-influenced style. Virgos tend to put up walls and to be very private — we have our public and private selves. Michael, through all the health issues and adversity, kept his head held high and never complained. Because he never over-shared, the media felt the need to dig deeper. In reality, we should be grateful that he shared as much as he did with us and gave back so much. Happy birthday, MJ!

what i wore nubby twiglet fashion style outfit

P.S. My outfit was slightly influenced by this classic early 90s look.

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