Dr. Sketchy’s Website Overhaul

A few weeks ago, the brand new Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School website that represents all of the worldwide branches went live.

Front Page, Dr. Sketchy’s Site

Over the holidays last year when Molly Crabapple commissioned me to redesign her blog (which was coded by Star), I presented two separate ideas — one in a subtle grayscale theme and another in the Dr. Sketchy’s trademark deep red and gold.

Mollycrabapple.com Site

Molly decided to differentiate her personal site from Dr. Sketchy’s (her business) by choosing the option with a muted color scheme. The second theme ended up getting brought to life many months later when she hired me to redesign the Dr. Sketchy’s website. Though the colors differ, many of the design elements between the two sites are very similar, purposely tying the businesses in the Molly Crabapple empire together.

Details, Dr. Sketchy’s Site

The site is pretty advanced — each post on the main page is called out by location. This is a much needed feature since Dr. Sketchy’s has branches in over 100 countries worldwide, sprawling across five continents! Conveniently, a user can also click on a map (above) to locate their nearest location as well.

It’s been a pleasure working with Molly Crabapple and Dr. Sketchy’s once again!

Note: While I did the site design, I did not do any of the coding. Above images are from my PSDs so there may be slight differences.

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