Link Love: 8.5.10

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link love

Karen Elson, Fashion Gone Rogue

10 common spelling mistakes that haunt bloggers.

• Americans just don’t know how to die.

• Upon learning one of the Kingdom of Style blogger’s ages (44), Look Magazine declined to run their interview. Wow, unbelievable.

How to eat on just $2.00 per day and why Rachel Hills is doing it.

• Cary Tennis cracks me up. I do not love this cat. I do not like this cat. I want to slap this cat. Can’t I send it back, this cat?

• Five ways to build your blog’s voice.

• Lady Gaga rocks gray hair in the latest issue of Vanity Fair and discusses sex, drugs, her fans and more.

• Really nice WordPress 3.0 ready blog themes.

• Should you ever really take You’ve Lost Weight! You Look Great! as a compliment?

• Waaaaaay beyond funny. The new mayor of Reykjavik, comedian Jon Gnarr has already gotten to work on his campaign promises of free towels at public swimming pools. And, he founded the The Best Party late last year, and other candidates, including members of the Reykjavik punk rock community, won 6 of the 15 seats on the City Council. Politics with a sense of humor —something I can get behind.

• The Nowness just did a great look back at the launch of MTV.

• Newsweek dives into how looks affect your work, your career and your life. (already pretty)

• I’ve always been a big fan of Julia Restoin-Roitfeld’s style. It’s cute and classic. Good taste clearly runs in the family.

• Garance Doré talks about her first summer jobs. Everyone’s gotta start somewhere!

• A look back at Miu Miu ad campaigns, starting in 1994. Click on the image for even more ads. I remember so many of these!

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