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Link Love: 7.22.10

link love typography

link love

Jimon Magazine

• Immensely helpful: Designing Style Guidelines for Brands and Websites.

• Grace of Design*Sponge does a great job of explaining how to handle rude comments on your blog. (link via Anna @ D16).

• Tony Hawk does a 900. Yes, a 900.

• I remember spotting the Médor watch in Vogue 15 years or so ago and thinking it was the coolest watch ever. Garance Doré has great taste.

• Occasionally, I read advice columns. I love Cary Tennis. His advice is totally real, unfiltered and unparalleled. Plus, the titles are always super good. Check out I trusted my gut and got screwed, Why can’t I get a girlfriend? and I hooked up with the bride’s sister after the reception to get warmed up!

• Newest guilty pleasure:What Courtney Wore Today. As in Courtney Love.

• How to give your photos a cool, retro analog effect.

What I Wore: 7.20.10

what i wore nubby twiglet fashion style outfit

what i wore nubby twiglet fashion style outfit

I am calling this post ‘Laser Lace’ because my new Forever 21 dress has a winding, connected lace-esque pattern. It also has a strange burnt smell that makes me imagine that it was wound and connected by some big, futuristic machine with lasers that steadily pieced each section into place!

what i wore nubby twiglet fashion style outfit

what i wore nubby twiglet fashion style outfit

See that pattern? It’s sort of lacy, sort of spiderweb-ish. Either way, I love it. This outfit is like my perfect summer combo: feminine, avant garde and…black. Haha.

what i wore nubby twiglet fashion style outfit

what i wore nubby twiglet fashion style outfit

I’m not much of a sandals person. Even in the summer I tend to pair airy, above-the-knee cotton dresses with chunky platform wedge ankle boots. So, when I do decide to get sandals, they have to be really special. I’ve been wanting these Chloes for so long — I think I even linked to them in a post here on the blog over a year ago. Thanks to yoox, I found these super on sale and my shoe dreams came true. Granted, they’re fairly high and narrow but they don’t seem to bind or pinch. And, I mostly sit at a desk anyway so I am not too concerned about being able to walk a mile in them. I haven’t had such great luck with other Chloe shoes but the incline on these feels just right.

what i wore nubby twiglet fashion style outfit

what i wore nubby twiglet fashion style outfit

what i wore nubby twiglet fashion style outfit

I Wore:

‘Lace’ Dress, Forever 21
Patent Belt, Vintage
Headband, Forever 21
Watch, Nixon Chalet
Wedge Sandals, Chloe

what i wore nubby twiglet fashion style outfit

Rocky was so well-behaved during last night’s photo session! Normally he whimpers, tugs and pulls but this time, he just stood perfectly still. He cracks me up. I love it when I get home from work and he’s waiting at the door for me with his hair parted down the middle and all brushed out!

P.S. All photos by Joey.

P.P.S. Sorry for the blog slowdown. My weeks seem to keep getting busier and busier.

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The Typofiles #67: Odds & Ends

w magazine typofiles typography

This is a fun one! Last night, I walked around my office and gathered up some specimens with interesting type that I had sitting around. Featured is a piece of a Mohawk Paper package, an A&G Merch business card, a Chloe tag from shoes, a page from the NOA NOA look book and a hang tag from a set of Urban Outfitters curtains.

The entire set of The Typofiles can be viewed here.

Color Codes // 01

Color Codes is a new series of freeform, image-based posts comprised of my photos and design and mixed with found images of objects and spaces that I find compelling. The singular factor that ties them all together are their color schemes.

Christian Louboutin Heels

Illustration by Star

Red, red, red.

Hollywood Walk of Fame, 2007

Helvetica Moleskine Black

Office, 2007

Self portrait, around 2003

New York, 2005

Purse contents, 2009

Collage, 2007

Viva La Rock Postcard Design

Illustration by Star

Black Leather

The Week in Pictures: July 17, 2010

week in pictures

Welcome to The Week in Pictures, a weekly column that features snapshots documenting my life as a designer and blogger living in Portland, Oregon. Thanks for reading!


week in pictures

week in pictures

week in pictures

Big upgrade alert! Over the weekend, my brother helped me move my West Elm bookcase from our all white room up the stairs to my office (of course we started laughing and I was afraid he was going to drop it and smash my foot). I felt like I never looked at my personal library because it was so far away. Now, with all these goodies residing less than two feet from my desk, I feel like I’m going to be a lot more inspired. I do my books by color (just like my shoes).


week in pictures

Lazy summer evenings sitting in the sun, sipping a hibiscus margarita with my beloved = priceless.


week in pictures

Last Saturday, I bought clear plastic drawer trays at Target. Upon returning home, I spent an hour organizing my sock drawer by color. Perhaps a wee bit OCD, but now I can actually find what I’m looking for. Little upgrades like this make me so happy.


week in pictures

I love black and white flower patterns. This dress is 2+ years old, from Forever 21 and still a personal favorite.


week in pictures

week in pictures

More office snapshots — I finally feel like it is finished. For the time being, I’ve decided against getting a rug because I love the worn in texture of the wood. Eventually I’d like to have my floors refinished in ebony (inspiration: my living room and Alexander Wang’s offices). The flat files and magnetic board are from IKEA, the Panton chair is a reproduction and the metal vintage gas station signs were a gift from my brother. I’ve had my mannequin Twiggy since 2004 — though we wear the same size, she’s like a foot taller and I hate sharing my clothes! So, she languishes in the corner wearing the cashmere cape off my Rick Owens jacket, thigh-highs and vintage glasses from a flea market in Chelsea. Some of you mentioned wanting to see more house / decor photos so I’m going to start making more of an effort. Consider this room #1!

Any fun weekend plans? I’ll be hiding away in my office, making a valiant attempt to get caught up on freelance….

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