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The Typofiles #67: Odds & Ends

w magazine typofiles typography

This is a fun one! Last night, I walked around my office and gathered up some specimens with interesting type that I had sitting around. Featured is a piece of a Mohawk Paper package, an A&G Merch business card, a Chloe tag from shoes, a page from the NOA NOA look book and a hang tag from a set of Urban Outfitters curtains.

The entire set of The Typofiles can be viewed here.

Color Codes // 01

Color Codes is a new series of freeform, image-based posts comprised of my photos and design and mixed with found images of objects and spaces that I find compelling. The singular factor that ties them all together are their color schemes.

Christian Louboutin Heels

Illustration by Star

Red, red, red.

Hollywood Walk of Fame, 2007

Helvetica Moleskine Black

Office, 2007

Self portrait, around 2003

New York, 2005

Purse contents, 2009

Collage, 2007

Viva La Rock Postcard Design

Illustration by Star

Black Leather

The Week in Pictures: July 17, 2010

week in pictures

Welcome to The Week in Pictures, a weekly column that features snapshots documenting my life as a designer and blogger living in Portland, Oregon. Thanks for reading!


week in pictures

week in pictures

week in pictures

Big upgrade alert! Over the weekend, my brother helped me move my West Elm bookcase from our all white room up the stairs to my office (of course we started laughing and I was afraid he was going to drop it and smash my foot). I felt like I never looked at my personal library because it was so far away. Now, with all these goodies residing less than two feet from my desk, I feel like I’m going to be a lot more inspired. I do my books by color (just like my shoes).


week in pictures

Lazy summer evenings sitting in the sun, sipping a hibiscus margarita with my beloved = priceless.


week in pictures

Last Saturday, I bought clear plastic drawer trays at Target. Upon returning home, I spent an hour organizing my sock drawer by color. Perhaps a wee bit OCD, but now I can actually find what I’m looking for. Little upgrades like this make me so happy.


week in pictures

I love black and white flower patterns. This dress is 2+ years old, from Forever 21 and still a personal favorite.


week in pictures

week in pictures

More office snapshots — I finally feel like it is finished. For the time being, I’ve decided against getting a rug because I love the worn in texture of the wood. Eventually I’d like to have my floors refinished in ebony (inspiration: my living room and Alexander Wang’s offices). The flat files and magnetic board are from IKEA, the Panton chair is a reproduction and the metal vintage gas station signs were a gift from my brother. I’ve had my mannequin Twiggy since 2004 — though we wear the same size, she’s like a foot taller and I hate sharing my clothes! So, she languishes in the corner wearing the cashmere cape off my Rick Owens jacket, thigh-highs and vintage glasses from a flea market in Chelsea. Some of you mentioned wanting to see more house / decor photos so I’m going to start making more of an effort. Consider this room #1!

Any fun weekend plans? I’ll be hiding away in my office, making a valiant attempt to get caught up on freelance….

nubby signature

Rock N’ Roll Bride Brand Refresh

kat rock n roll bride identity branding logo nubby twiglet

To finish off the week, I thought I’d contrast the angular, masculine identity of Josh Fassbind with the pink, super girly look of Rock n’ Roll Bride.

Kat, who runs contacted me with the intentions of giving her blog a slight facelift. She’s friends with another of my clients, wedding photographer David McNeil and after deciding to run her business full time, she felt that it was time for a more polished look.

kat rock n roll bride identity branding logo nubby twiglet

Kat, the mastermind behind Rock N’ Roll Bride

I love Kat’s infectious attitude, bright pink hair and penchant for Vivienne Westwood for Melissa shoes. Her look screams pure rock and roll but with a feminine twist. I wanted to translate that into some fresh graphics for her blog. (To be clear, I didn’t do a full blog redesign, just a new header, colors and menu / navigation bars — she did the install).

kat rock n roll bride identity branding logo nubby twiglet

Kat specifically requested branding that looked like my The Week in Pictures header;  flowy, with serifs. And, as we got started, I noticed that it also has a slight Rolling Stone magazine vibe — classic rock and roll.

kat rock n roll bride identity branding logo nubby twiglet before the redesign

Kat liked the pink-haired girl illustration in her old header but the second I saw her photo galleries and started digging, I encouraged her to showcase them instead. To me, they summed up her style perfectly. I wanted to keep the playful side of Rock N’ Roll Bride but at the same time, I wanted to give it a more mature feeling since it’s growing so much.

kat rock n roll bride identity branding logo nubby twiglet after the redesign

Kat loves pink but I wanted to narrow it down to just key elements instead since too much of a bright color has the ability to distract from the content. Because of that, I changed the top navigation bar as well as the headers for the right columns to a solid dark gray. The gray anchors the pink while being less harsh and contrast-y than straight black.

kat rock n roll bride identity branding logo nubby twiglet

The Rock N’ Roll Bride tagline is “Your Big Day the Rock N’ Roll Way” which I love! I set the tagline in Gotham Bold since it has a simple, elegant feel when a lot of tracking is added.

kat rock n roll bride identity branding logo nubby twiglet

Though this header concept was not used, I wanted to show it to point out what the logo looks like when used without the tagline.

kat rock n roll bride identity branding logo nubby twiglet

This is another header that was not used but shows what the tagline looks like when set in white. Kat wanted the focus to be more about her blog and brand instead of having her face front and center and chose a beautiful photo featuring a gorgeous wedding dress and bouquet of flowers. It’s just enough to give you that classic bride feel.

As we were moving along in the process, Kat started tweeting about it and Charlotte Gamble of Restoration Cake jumped in and offered to make her a custom cake.

kat rock n roll bride identity branding logo nubby twiglet

Wow! How awesome is that?!!! It’s so….Rock N’ Roll Bride! It’s been a blast working with Kat — her excitement is infectious and that same uplifting, inspiring attitude can be found on her blog. Check it out!

Link Love: 7.15.10

link love typography

link love

Source unknown.

• Someone actually outsmarted The Price Is Right! Terry Kneiss, a former weatherman bid the EXACT PRICE for his Showcase and won over $50,000.00 in prizes.

• I love this Madonna-inspired photoshoot by Ellen Von Unwerth.

• Writing about fashion is harder than it seems. Last year’s hot words are suddenly passé. Let Garance Doré explain.

• Verhext has been graciously doing a show and tell of her recent European travels, mainly centered in France. She lists shops, the paths she took and really helpful details that would come in handy for a first time traveler. Read them all!

She is Herself explains what it feels like to be judgmental and why it isn’t doing anyone (including yourself) any favors.

Showcase of Sweet Chocolate Websites is actually chock full of great design, I swear! I am glad that someone picked up on this trend — I’ve been a huge fan of the Charles Chocolates website for years.

• A case of the dreaded Big Brother, perhaps? Rupert Murdoch sees all and notices if you are wearing shorts to work. Creepy!

• Michael Zinman collects signs made by the homeless. What do you think about this?

• Oh my god, this cottage actually exists! Straight out of a fairytale, don’t you think?

link love

Sonia Rykiel

Advice #30: What Was Your Teenage Style Like?

ask nubby advice

What was your style like as a teenager? How did you dress and what kind of fashion were you into?

ask nubby advice

16 and Sleeping, 1997 — Photo by Auntie Nubs.

Ah, the teenage years! It’s very funny to think back to the not so distant late 90s, when I was in high school (I’m focusing on high school while answering this question because middle school was pretty blah). Back then (1996 to 2000 — I say that like it was ages ago), things really were more off-the-cuff and experimental. Fashion blogs hadn’t yet surfaced; I don’t think I even knew what a blog was at that time.

It’s interesting looking back now, noticing how much the times have changed – none of us had cell phones in high school. We weren’t connected to the internet 24/7 (or at least I wasn’t). In a way, I’m glad that I wasn’t granted immediate access to every little trend. I am afraid now that my style (and wallet) would be overly influenced. It’s bad enough being bombarded now at 28 (when I am much less impressionable)!

ask nubby advice

1996, With my friend Jesse (who I haven’t seen since high school)

During those years, it was much harder to track down a specific item – I found my wardrobe at a handful of places: Goodwill, Hot Topic, Nordstrom BP, Buffalo Exchange, Urban Outfitters and the Delia’s catalog (I wish I still had some of those 90s issues with the catchy themed phrases throughout!). There wasn’t a Forever 21 in every mall and the plethora of online indie boutiques hadn’t yet populated every corner of the internet.

In The Beginning

ask nubby advice

Age 15 in 1996, right after I met my best friend Erin. We had many classes together, but she always skipped, leaving me to finish projects!

When I started high school in 1996, my style was eclectic, colorful and grungy. I loved tons of colors at that point, surprisingly. It was cool in my suburban high school to wear baby tees, oversized cords or jeans, band shirts, vintage dresses, striped sweaters, cardigans and mismatched layers. I was still experimenting and figuring out my trademark style during this time.

ask nubby advice

Wearing a weird vintage polyester dress with Erin (check out her The Crow shirt!), 1996

Then, everything changed my sophomore year. Over the summer, I discovered Marilyn Manson, got a pair of 14 eye black Doc Marten boots for my birthday (thanks, mom!) and decided that wearing all black was the way to go. My friends and I would swarm the local Goodwill after school and find the coolest castoffs. It was a much different time – wearing designer clothing or carrying a designer handbag definitely was not cool. We carried backpacks or vintage lunchboxes instead.

ask nubby advice

Goofing off with Richard, 1997

I remember having every color of stripey tights imaginable and I would save my money to buy new clothes and jewelry at Hot Topic. Though there weren’t fashion blogs, there were popular ‘cam girls’ that would show off their new purchases (who were your favorites?)

Being ‘different’ in a really uptight suburban high school wasn’t easy but I always stayed true to who I was. Nobody could really say anything, even when I showed up looking like a total freak because I always had near perfect attendance and made the honor roll.

When I was 17, I went to a Marilyn Manson concert and met him afterwards on the steps of his tour bus. He was the nicest guy. My classmate’s jaws dropped when I came back on the following Monday and casually mentioned that I’d met him. After that, I really didn’t care what anyone thought. People would make rude comments but that only fueled me more. I told myself that someday, I would get the last laugh.

Around the same time, I started dating an older guy who not only worked at a record shop but was also the most amazing hairdresser. From then on, I traded in my boring brown hair for shades that covered nearly every color of the rainbow. Usually, I had my hair in a bob with neon colored roots (purple, pink or red — see below) paired with black tips.

The End

During my last two years of high school, I was far beyond the drama (and beyond bored). And, most of my close friends had dropped out or were a year ahead of me and had graduated. I spent most of my time taking art classes, then skipped prom and graduated. I didn’t even want to walk in the ceremony, but I did it for my parents.

ask nubby advice

My trademark 2-tone hair a few months before I graduated, 2000. The beginning of Nubby Twiglet.

Can you tell that I didn’t care? Ha. I took this photo and a few more in my school’s courtyard for the senior pictures section of the yearbook. It was my way of rebelling against those cheesy posed shots! My hair looked like this for quite awhile — I got the roots bleached and changed constantly and matched my wardrobe around the color.

I was really into vintage Swiss poster design and medical-themed stuff at this point. I wore a little white dress that I have to this day with red cross pins across the front all the time. I also came up with the idea for Nubby Twiglet around this time.

Looking Back

Now that it’s been 10 years since I graduated from high school, what would I tell my younger self? I would remind myself that I was right to not conform – it made my life a lot more difficult at the time but it also made me stronger and care way less about what people think. I also would tell myself that many of the people that made fun of me ended up staying in the same town, in jail or worst of all, dead (seriously) and that none of what they said really mattered anyway — now I think back at some of the comments and get a good laugh!

If you’re still in school, as chiché as it sounds, stay true to yourself. High school doesn’t last forever. If you’re feeling disillusioned, start thinking about what you want to do next. If you hate your town, your parents and your life, it’s okay to be dissatisfied but don’t take it out on everyone else — use that energy to plot your next step instead. Once you graduate, move to a bigger city. Get a job. Find roommates. You’re bound to make new friends wherever you go and thanks to social networking sites, it’s now easier than ever. Apply for colleges – you’ll meet even more like-minded people. Your life is yours and your alone. If people spend their time trying to tear you down in high school, brush it off…and use it as fuel to prove them wrong. Time flies — get out there, make your mark and stand tall when you return for your 10 year class reunion!

What was your style like as a teenager? Was it completely different than how you dress now? Have you embraced it or are you terribly embarrassed? What would you do differently in 2010 compared to then?