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The Week In Pictures: 7.30.10

week in pictures

This week, I inadvertently disappeared for a few days from the interwebs as more and more deadlines and real world commitments hit. Though, here are a few tiny glimpses into my existence that I managed to snap along the way. I’ll admit to being a little distracted though because all I can think about is my upcoming Girls Only Vacationâ„¢ to LA with Gala!


week in pictures

As I started walking towards the madness known as Last Thursday last night, the first thing I noticed was this bus.


week in pictures

Current favorite tee: MERCI BEAU COUP.


week in pictures

When the crowds at Last Thursday get out of control, I usually hide out in the corner of a dark bar and wait it out. My friends joined me last night for Joey’s art show at The Know….along with about 100 other sweaty punk rockers.


week in pictures

A current snippet of inspiration from the latest J. Crew catalog.


week in pictures

My trusty gnome quietly lurks in the nook next to my closets, always willing to lend a helping hand. What a cutie.


week in pictures

Super strappy and summer ready. L to R: Quelques Shoes De Plus, Marni, Chloe & Chloe and Jeffrey Campbell.


week in pictures

After my friend Joey bid me farewell last night, she came upon a man with a sewing machine being powered by his girlfriend who was peddling away. He’d never sewn a llama before but she stood there, explaining to him what a llama looked like, then walked back to the bar and surprised me with this. He isn’t exactly Nigel but then again, who could compare to that black-haired hunk?

Okay, time to get this weekend started! xoxo

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