Daily Archives: July 27, 2010

Color Codes // 02

Color Codes is a new series of freeform, image-based posts comprised of my photos and design and mixed with found images of objects and spaces that I find compelling. The singular factor that ties them all together are their color schemes.

Junghans Max Bill Automatic Watch

Tripp NYC Zipper Jeans & Minimarket Boots, 2009

Korres Fragrances

Portrait, December 2009

Misc. Branding, Nubbytwiglet.com

Decor, Source Unknown

Layout, Julia

Rings, Does Not Equal

Bikini, Chloe

Postcard, Eight Hour Day

My Business Card Backs, 2010

Sign, Source Unkown

2009 Branding, Nubbytwiglet.com

Aiaiai Headphones

The Sidewalk Never Ends Shirt, Tribute