The Week in Pictures: 7.23.10

week in pictures


week in pictures

One of my biggest pet peeves are cheaply made shoes but when I was at Forever 21 this weekend, I spotted the Metallic Spirit Flats which are just what I need when I have to throw something on to walk Rocky around the ‘hood. In true form, they smell like stinky synthetic material (but they’re so damn cute)!


week in pictures

What are your summer scents? Mine are Sonia Kashuk No. 4 (light and slightly fruity) and MAC Creations MV1 (stronger with a big dose of vanilla).


week in pictures

What does that bottom book say? Los Angeles!!! The way I plan trips goes something like this: Gala emails me and asks if I’d like to join her for an all girls adventure. I immediately respond with a resounding yes! Then, we fill in the details. Disneyland! Jazzi! And, I need to make a pit stop at the All Saints store. I haven’t had a real vacation (let alone a full day off ) this year so I am beyond ready for some girl time and lounging around.


week in pictures

You can bet that I already have my mouse ears out. Gala, Jazzi and I did Disneyland last February, then I visited Disney World in November with my dad. Now, I’m hitting Disneyland again with the girls and Disney World in November. I’m sensing a pattern here!!! What do I love about Disney? It’s a chance to escape reality for a day, eat loads of junk food and go on rides (though, I am skipping Splash Mountain — got soaked and my hair turned into a mound of major knots last time).


week in pictures

I was seated outside at The Goodfoot a few days ago and noticed this goofy door, supposedly leading to a smoking area….but when I peeked in, all I could see were garbage cans and bikes. Maybe it’s really a secret passageway.

I hope you’ve had an enjoyable week! My dad has been working super hard building us a fence and next up, I have to buy 10 million gallons of gray paint (okay, that’s a slight exaggeration) for our front porch, living room and kitchen. Then, I have to do a million rounds of freelance (another slight exaggeration) and try to get a handle on this thing called life. Wish me luck.

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