Link Love: 7.22.10

link love typography

link love

Jimon Magazine

• Immensely helpful: Designing Style Guidelines for Brands and Websites.

• Grace of Design*Sponge does a great job of explaining how to handle rude comments on your blog. (link via Anna @ D16).

• Tony Hawk does a 900. Yes, a 900.

• I remember spotting the Médor watch in Vogue 15 years or so ago and thinking it was the coolest watch ever. Garance Doré has great taste.

• Occasionally, I read advice columns. I love Cary Tennis. His advice is totally real, unfiltered and unparalleled. Plus, the titles are always super good. Check out I trusted my gut and got screwed, Why can’t I get a girlfriend? and I hooked up with the bride’s sister after the reception to get warmed up!

• Newest guilty pleasure:What Courtney Wore Today. As in Courtney Love.

• How to give your photos a cool, retro analog effect.

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