Link Love: 7.8.10

link love typography

link love typography

Photo via Marie Claire. I got the new issue in the mail yesterday and scanned this just for you!

• 10 useful WordPress security tweaks.

• A really good informational read: the evolution of the logo.

Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems [Part 1]: Gala Darling digs into the issue of women and spending to keep up with what they view as aspirational, the influence of fashion blogs and why it’s really nobody’s business how you choose to spend your money.

Manage Filter is a tool for Twitter that allows you to clean up and manage who you follow, find out who isn’t following you back and determine which inactive accounts you follow.

Why are women so judgmental of one another?

• Marlon Brando to Michael Jackson: Try not to make an ass of yourself.

Blogs are growing much more slowly. While still very popular, other social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook have broken their monopoly. And, it isn’t an illusion — the rate of advertising has slowed significantly, too.

• A total mind bender. I really, really want an Inspiration Pad!

• Okay, it’s official. I am totally in love with the Fall Miu Miu campaign. I’ll take one of everything. I love the detachable collars and bursts of color mixed with black — Miuccia Prada has somehow made the 60s look fresh again:

link love typography

link love typography

link love typography

link love typography

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