The Typofiles #65: Gaga for Elle and Senso for Solestruck

lady gaga elle cover

Sometimes adding type diagonally to a simple layout adds a fresh spin. I had completely forgotten about this cover that only subscribers to U.S. Elle received until last night when I was was searching for the new Rihanna cover (which also features some tilted type).

In a way, it reminds me slightly of the first landing page I designed for Solestruck last month when they were launching Senso, an Australian brand of shoes they are selling exclusively in the U.S.

lady gaga elle cover

Here are two more of my favorites (without any rotation):

lady gaga elle cover

lady gaga elle cover

The entire set of The Typofiles can be viewed here.

P.S. My newest campaign for Solestruck just went live and it’s so twisted and funny. I was basically sent a pile of photos featuring half-naked people, Senso shoes and a bunny head. The whole time I was staring at them, all I could think of was, “Ohhhhhhh Senssssssooooo!” Haha. Here are a few of the results.

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