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Link Love: 6.24.10

link love typography

link love typography

Photo by Garmonique

• When renovating your house, sometimes “good enough” is good enough.

• Gala Darling’s A Filofax Love Affair has me seriously considering making a switch from my beloved Moleskine planners. I love all of the customization options that Filofax offers!

• Desperately Seeking Sugar Daddies: Looking to give up her day job but maintain a steady income, a Vanity Fair writer joined a website where rich older men shop for girlfriends. One says:

If I want to go with my girlfriend to St. Barth’s for two weeks, she’s not going to be left behind because she needs to write copy all day to make 500 bucks to pay her cable bill. A girl, if she’s going out a lot with me, cannot be wearing the same thing all the time, so of course I’ll buy her her Louboutins and Gucci handbags.

• My favorite post of the week! The More You Know: Notecards and Handwriting. Jazzi even solves the mystery of why certain high powered folks put a slash through their last name when writing notes on their personalized stationery.

• Who needs George Washington’s face splashed across dolla billz when you can have Lady Gaga instead?!!

• It’s funny looking at old menus just to see the use of language and downright odd (by today’s standards) entrees.

link love typography

• I love this house in the pyrenees.