Link Love: 6.17.10

link love typography

link love typography

Image via Shala

• If you have a super limited budget but want to know where your cash can take you, check out Kayak’s Explore feature.

• The owner of Zappos explains why he finally sold his company to Amazon after turning them down in the past.

• If you own Cydwoq shoes or have considered purchasing a pair, please read this first. I’ve never heard of such terrible customer service!

• Gala Darling just returned home from Vegas and penned The International Playgirl’s Guide to Vegas and a handy list of do’s and don’ts.

• “In Hong Kong, cars drive on the left while in the rest of China, they drive on the right. If you’re building a bridge between the two, you’ve got to come up with a clever way to switch lanes without disruption or accident. Behold the flipper bridge.”

• Have you ever wondered how to delete your account on popular websites? Sometimes, it’s harder than you think!

• The realities of running your business: do you have what it takes? (via gala)

This Palm Springs wedding is so unbelievably tasteful and stylish.

link love

• Finally, who wants to move into an egg house with me?!!

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