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The Week in Pictures: 5.28.10

week in pictures

Half of my life is spent doing research.

week in pictures

One of the projects I’ve been working on is a look book and this is some of the inspiration I’ve pulled: an Urban Outfitters catalog page, a Warhol postcard and an Urban Outfitters curtain hang tag. The planner is from the Moleskine Colour A Month Notebooks set.

Yes, those damn tights again.

week in pictures

I cannot stop wearing them! I wore the black version on Wednesday and the nude version yesterday. At the very least, there are way worse vices to have.

I Am a Key USB: Genius.

week in pictures

I was in dire need of a new USB drive and just discovered these clever little LaCie iamaKey devices. 8 GB never looked so stylish! And, it has a hole at the top so technically it can double as a necklace! Modern + minimal = love.

Viva La Rock Posters!

week in pictures

Last night was the Viva La Rock opening and N.E. Alberta was plastered with the posters I’d designed the night before. We enjoyed the company of friends and the general madness of Last Thursday.

I sort of slept in and now I’m off to an agency for the day. Enjoy your weekend!

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