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Smith Optics Nubby Goggles

smith optics nubby snowboarding goggles

Last year, I designed a collection of goggles for Smith Optics, a premium brand of goggles, sunglasses and helmets. Each of the styles feature my collage-based art and male, female and unisex models will be available for purchase in 2011.

smith optics nubby snowboarding goggles

Back in 2008, I had a solo art show at Portland agency Nemo HQ. Later, we did a big Smith trending presentation and one of the art directors pitched ‘Nubby Art’ as a concept. Amazingly enough, they liked the idea and moved forward. I had already sold the artwork that was later sublimated onto the straps but I always do high resolution scans of every piece I produce.

smith optics nubby snowboarding goggles

The goggle straps feature Smith branding set in Avant Garde which is quite fitting since this concept was presented under the avant garde trending theme.

smith optics nubby snowboarding goggles

Besides the goggles, a helmet was also produced in both black and white. The helmet graphics tend to be more minimal so that they can be worn as a set with the corresponding goggles.

smith optics nubby snowboarding goggles

You can see the pairing of my goggles and helmet in one of the catalog spreads.

smith optics nubby snowboarding goggles

smith optics nubby snowboarding goggles

The Smith team did a great job of finalizing all the details and keeping the collages true to their original form. I was surprised at how clean the sublimated imagery on the straps came out.

smith optics nubby snowboarding goggles

I could have never imagined that artwork I produced would eventually pop up on a line of snowboard goggles. For the record, I’ve never snowboarded but now I really don’t have an excuse! Thanks to both Smith and Nemo for making this collaboration possible.

Nubby 2.0

link love typography

Over the last two weeks, I’ve been working closely with Star to freshen up Nubbytwiglet.com. After nearly 3 years and close to 1,000 posts, it was time to implement a slight face lift. Besides the obvious changes including a Twitter feed and a wider center column, I thought I’d point out a few new additions.


After three years of blogging, the archives have become overloaded and it’s easy to overlook some of the great content that’s been posted in the past. To help alleviate this, a section of my all-time favorite articles called Resources has been added to the top navigation. This is still a work in progress and the lists will grow as I have a chance to comb through the archives further.


There is now a dedicated section in the top navigation specifically for advertising. All paid ad space has been upgraded to a skyscraper format (160 x 600 pixels) and will be more visible since it has been relocated to the top left sidebar.

Graphic Design

One of my favorite changes is the Graphic Design section. To make more room for showcasing projects, I had Star remove the sidebars. The width of nearly 900 pixels has allowed me to spread out and enlarge much of my work. This is also still a work in progress as I reformat and add more projects over the next few weeks.

A big thank you goes out to everyone who has stuck around for the last three years and generously offered feedback and support. It’s very much appreciated. Cheers to three more years!

*Illustration by vectortrash