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The Week in Pictures: 5.21.10

week in pictures

Welcome to a very brief Week in Pictures – I’ve had a crazy busy week and between the nonstop rain, running from agency to agency and trying to wrap my head around two look books, three media kits, countless logos and a pile of email, picture snappin’ has suffered. That’s life sometimes!

Cities Bag in Black

week in pictures

I’ve had the natural colored American Apparel Cities bag for years and use it for everything including hauling laundry, toting my laptop and carrying necessities on the plane. this week, when I realized that a black one was in existence, I had to pick it up.

Dining Nook

week in pictures

For some reason, kitchen tables are ridiculously expensive. We needed a new table for our little mirrored dining area off the back of the kitchen and I had the idea to buy a desktop and legs from IKEA instead – it’s still the right height and works great. The chairs are Tulip reproductions I scored off Ebay.

Dries Love

week in pictures

These were my first-ever pair of Dries van Notens. For some reason, I barely wore them for the last year but have rediscovered their coolness. THe red isn’t too bright and somehow manages to go with everything. And, they actually look better with age!

Viva La Rock!

week in pictures

Joey’s art show featuring portraits of rock stars is quickly approaching so I designed some postcards for him with a cute little logo. If time permits, I’d love to pull together a poster design as well.

Enjoy your weekend!

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