Office Overhaul

office overhaul house decor nubby twiglet

When I moved into my house last summer, I wanted a fresh and airy palette for my office. My already white furniture was met with white curtains and white walls. Now, I’m craving some more visual interest and depth. My brother helped me rearrange part of my office a few nights ago and I am on a search for the perfect rug and office chair. In the meantime, I’ve made a few small changes.

office overhaul house decor nubby twiglet

Ceramic Hand

To organize some of my jewelry, I picked up this Ceramic Hand Jewelry Stand at Urban Outfitters. It reminds me of the vintage molds I’ve seen floating around shops like Fish’s Eddy in New York.

office overhaul house decor nubby twiglet

Red Cross Cabinet

I’ve actually had this cabinet since 2002 – I spotted it at Lancelotti Housewares in New York and had it shipped home. After shifting around some office furniture, I was able to clear the perfect space to re-hang it. The black chair is a Panton reproduction that we were temporarily using for our kitchen table.

office overhaul house decor nubby twiglet

Damask Velvet Curtains

Until recently, I had thin white IKEA curtains hanging in my office. While they were breezy and let lots of natural light in, too much daylight when you’re tying to design is a huge distraction (it tempts you to go outside and skip out on work!) These curtains from Urban Outfitters are much more dramatic and though some light is able to leak through the mesh, it is quite minimal and has already helped my focus immensely. My brother hates them and has dubbed them my “goth curtains.” So be it!

As I pull more of my office together over the next few weeks, I’ll show you the full outcome.

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