Link Love: 5.6.10

link love typography

link love nubby twiglet

Andrea Joseph illustration via a bit coquettish

• Calling all movie buffs! You have to check out the Movie Stills Collection to see some amazing imagery and typography.

• Really interesting article: Workaholics Fueled By the Internet.

• Freelancers, do you work on the weekends? I pretty much always do….

• Old New York photographed in color.

• If you have a few extra hours, check out the content packed into 50 helpful typography tools and resources.

Dirty, Dangerous and Destitute: New York in the 70s. (via gala darling)

How your cat will try to kill you: one woman’s story.

• Christian Schwartz answers the question “Why did I start a type foundry?”

• Cigarettes in a white casket-shaped box? Pretty crafty packaging if you ask me! The designer explains, “People are dying throughout the world of diseases caused by smoking. This package concept shows how close this problem is to us. As every day each smoker carries this problem in his/her pocket. They carry death.”

• See a great collection of logos and sketches made during the process at Logo Design Love.

• So, what really happens after you assist a top Condeé Nast editor?

• How do you get that trendy, washed out rainbow effect on photos? Here’s a super easy tutorial!

• Rejoice! The uber-talented Luxirare now has an e-shop.

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