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Link Love: 4.28.10

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Paintings by Phil Ashcroft

• I recently rediscovered Designer’s Toolbox and its Design Resources section is a total lifesaver with tons of measurements and templates for everything you’ll ever need including standard web banners, envelopes, CD packaging and way, way more.

• Marie of Agent Lover gives us a dressing room view of what the Zac Posen for Target line really looks like.

• Interesting: A short history of debt.

• Why you should have bought Apple stock instead of products: “In 2001, a PowerBook G4 would have set you back $3500. Suppose instead that you had purchased $3500 in Apple stock instead of the computer…that stock would now be worth about $110,000. Even an original iPod’s worth in AAPL ($399) would be worth almost $12,000 today.” Le sigh.

• Tavi provides us with a full-on tour of 90s alt-teen girl bible Sassy with tons of photos and accompanying commentary. Take a trip down memory lane!

• Logorama: Pulp Fiction for brands. (thanks, ryan)

• Are you in need of an iPad stand? Here’s your 69 cent solution.

link love nubby twiglet

• For the upcoming NARS ad campaign, Francois Nars’ French bull dog Marcel will be the cover model. “A big presence in the makeup maestro’s life, Marcel leads a more whirlwind social life than most A-List celebrities, regularly hobnobbing with the likes of Marc Jacobs and Daphne Guinness at cocktail parties, and jetting with Nars to and from his private island in the South Pacific.” (thanks, bianca)

• I love the way people tend to gravitate towards certain colors and form collections around them.