Link Love: 4.22.10

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• The Magazine Cover Archive is devoted to helping keep inspirational magazine design alive. It has collected thousands of magazine covers from various titles that can be instantly viewed.

Brand New Classroom is “publishing identity work from students around the world who tackle redesigns of well-known brands as a class assignment. The focus will be as much on the final result as the process to get there.” If you’d like to submit your work to be critiqued, click here.

• Swooooonworthy: Scandinavian logos from the 60s and 70s.

• I love viewing photo essasys of people’s daily routines. Kris Atomic’s is especially beautiful.

• Just a few hours after he died in 1955, someone snapped a photo of Albert Einstein’s desk.

• How do you cope with client fallout?

• I wish I had the time to do this! Create your own Penguin book cover! You can download templates and whip up your own version – a perfect self-initiated project. (thanks, final fashion)

• Graphic design through the decades has a special roundup this week of design examples from the 1950s.

“You ever think about how in, like, a Tom Hanks movie, everyone lives in a reality in which there’s no such person as Tom Hanks? Because otherwise, people would be mistaking the main character for Tom Hanks all the time? Yeah….me neither.

• Find out what goes into designing Selfridge’s store window displays. It’s waaaaay more work than you think!

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