Link Love: 4.01.2010

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link love nubby twiglet

16 Photoshop tutorials to make you a better designer.

Friends of Type is one of my new favorite blogs – type fiends rejoice!

• Job seekers, what makes a great cover letter?

• Fashion Indie has just compiled a list of its Top 10 Favorite Fashion Pervs.

• Practical advice we can all use: Online Shopping Cheat Sheet!

• In Letting Go With Love, Steve Pavlina talks about how he’s handled the end of his 12 year marriage amicably and the shifts he’s noticed in his relationships since calling it quits.

• If the population density of the United States was equal to that of Brooklyn, we would all fit into New Hampshire (via kottke).

• In case you were wondering….it’s none of your business.

• I have to say, this is the most fascinating collection of smoking related images that I have ever seen. Take a look back to see how smoking was marketed as being totally acceptable just a few decades ago with ads featuring babies and doctors!

• Such a poignant and detailed article: A Few Things I’ve Learned About Typeface Design.

• Americans don’t like movies with subtitles.

• Shimmer Like Gold has compiled the best photos of all white rooms:

link love nubby twiglet

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