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Link Love: 3.18.10

link love typography

link love nubby twiglet

Book covers by Coralie Bickford-Smith

• Find out how to effectively combine fonts from different families.

• Model Kim Noorda opens up about her struggles with body image via a very revealing journal in Vogue.

• Ad agency Wieden + Kennedy has a blog and I love the design. Beautiful type in the header!

• Beautiful food-related imagery is overflowing over at oh joy! eats blog.

• Design inspiration pops up in the oddest places. Behold vintage beer cans.

• How a web design goes straight to hell. (thanks, Star!)

• It seems rare that this topic gets brought up: When should you quit a blog and move on?

• Stop making excuses. Become your dream.

• Elizabeth of Enjoy Your Style just interviewed me.

• Will the price of clothes at the mall increase?

• The hidden meaning behind Lady Gaga’s ‘Telephone’ video. Really? Someone has A LOT of free time on their hands.