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Link Love: 1.21.10

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• Brand New has added a fantastic new selection of design-related books to their recommended list of reading.

• Pretty Much Amazing shares its favorite covers of 2009.

• I wholeheartedly agree with the list of the Top 7 Fonts of 2009. So glad that DIN was included!

• Way too funny not to share: Regretsy is where ‘DIY meets WTF.’ I think my favorite so far is the collection of NWA tennis ball sculptures. (thanks bianca)

• From kottke: “Call it overrated if you’d like, but Ssam Bar is still the only place in NYC (or perhaps the world) where you can eat, using chopsticks, German-inspired cuisine served to you by a native Spanish speaker while drinking a glass of sparkling red wine and listening to 90s hip-hop in a restaurant conceived by an American junior golf champion from Virginia whose parents were from Korea.”

• A list of the best East Village restaurants. Agree?

• The Cocktail Calculator shows you how much a drink really costs.

• Makeup guru Bobbi Brown just launched a new campaign featuring her real life friends instead of models and they look great! (via already pretty)

• 25 new high quality free fonts. Jackpot!!!

8 tips for rocking a crowded blogging niche.

• Jane of Sea of Shoes shares the amazing collection of Hanna Bernhard jewelry she and her mom just acquired. Imagine a jumbo jewel-encrusted squid, octopus and shrimp.

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Advice #24: The Short and Sweet Edition

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Every few months, I do my best to gather some of the shorter questions that roll in and answer them all at once in a ‘short and sweet’ edition of Ask Nubby.

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You’re in luck because I covered the blogging basics back in 2008 in an article called 13 Steps to a Successful Blog-Based Business. I’d recommend starting out with a customized theme installed on a domain that you own and with your own server space so that you have full control over your image and personal files. But, if this isn’t an option, there are many free services like Blogger. To get started:

Pick a domain name: It seems like all of the good dot-coms are taken, but if you can avoid a name that is super long and full of dashes, all the better (use whois.net to see if yours is still available). If all else fails, you can make up something nonsensical (like Nubbytwiglet.com)! I’ve registered all of my domain names through GoDaddy.com. Besides being reputable, their 24 hour customer service is super knowledgeable.

Invest in server space: Once your domain name is registered, you’ll need a safe place on the internet to store your site files and images (mine is also through GoDaddy.com). It’s always a bonus if the domain name and the server space are through the same company so that the changes you make can be as seamless as possible.

Templates, templates, templates: Since I originally wrote this article, free themes have improved dramatically. Personally, I’m a huge fan of WordPress because there are thousands of free blog templates that are easily modifiable and WordPress.org gives you instructions on how to install its software directly onto your domain.

To get you started, some great themes can be found here, here and here.

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When it comes to fine art, I feel that the more low-tech, the better (probably because I sit behind a computer all day). Don’t laugh but the only two tools I use are kid-sized scissors and washable glue sticks. I like glue sticks because you can get a smooth finish and there is very little seeping from the edges once a piece is affixed. Also, it dries really fast and if you get it somewhere it doesn’t belong, it wipes off really easily. Once an art piece is finished, I do 2 to 3 layers of Krylon Crystal Clear to seal it and finally, pour a layer of epoxy resin over the top. The resin is the hard part because if you do it wrong, air bubbles could result or worse yet, if the mixture is off, it may never dry properly. Practice makes perfect!

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I regularly rotate between two Nikon cameras: The Coolpix P80 is fancier point-and-shoot and has some SLR-like qualities while the Coolpix S560 is super light, compact and perfect for throwing in my purse for everyday use. The higher end studio shots that have been recently been popping up on my blog are by my brother and he uses the Canon EOS 5D Mark II along with professional lighting.

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I wish I could say that I have a regular routine and I admire those who do. I am totally guilty of passing out in my makeup all the time and don’t recommend it! Right now, I am using Lancomé Renergie Microlift R.A.R.E. moisturizer (thanks mom!) and swear by Comodynes Convenient Cosmetics Makeup Remover for Dry Skin with Oats towelettes which can be found at Trader Joe’s. In December, I had my first ever facial and it was amazing. I am a total convert!

Beyond that, almost all of the makeup I use is by MAC and I’ve been a diehard Studio Fix fan for the last ten years.

I wash my hair every other day and stick with drugstore shampoo and conditioner since I go through it ridiculously fast. For the last year, I’ve had great luck with Garnier Fructis products including Moisture Works shampoo and conditioner. I let my hair mostly air dry and then straighten the ends with the Misikko Hana Elite which works faster than any other iron I’ve tried.

As for diet and exercise, I try to eat eat fairly healthy and I am a vegetarian. Beyond that, I never exercise except for some occasional walking. Working out is pretty much my least favorite thing to do in the entire universe (and I am sure that sitting on my ass all day will eventually catch up with me)! David Barton, please open a gym in Portland and I promise to change my ways.

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My silver nail polish is by Hot Topic and there isn’t a name on the bottle. The matte black (seen here) is by L.A. Girl and called…Matte Black! The white (seen here) is by Sally Hansen Hard As Nails ‘Xtreme Wear’ and called White On.

I am going to try to answer a new question a week as often as possible. Do you have anything that you’re dying to ask? Need some advice? Ask Nubby!

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