Link Love: 1.7.10

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• Michael Musto’s Year (and Decade) in Review appropriately starts out with, “The Naughty Aughties are over, and I’m LMFAO. It will be remembered, if at all, as the decade of the TMI generation. The 15-second fame gang. The micromanaging maniacs. The attention-whoring-for-lunch bunch. The iPhone, iPod, iMac, IMAX, and eye-lift folks. The people who have already forgotten this paragraph.” (thanks, bianca!)

• A totally awesome time waster: The Vintage Ad Browser has over 100,000 vintage ads just waiting to be explored. (via draplin)

• Check out the 25 year evolution of the Apple mouse.

• Find out what the most anticipated books of 2010 are.

• BibliOdyssey shares Victorian era infographics.

• SiteInspire is pretty amazing… it allows you to browse 1,414 websites by style, theme, and type, or view a random selection. (via swissmiss)

• Start off the year with an Ideal Project Profile. Mary Shaw explains, “As I plan my business activities for 2010, I’ve decided to create an ideal project profile. You may have heard of an ideal client profile – it helps you visualize the exact type of client you’d like to work with. The ideal project profile describes in detail the exact kind of work you’d like to do for your ideal client. This post will show you how to create an ideal project profile for next year and beyond.”

• Always of use: quick and handy Photoshop shortcuts.

• Problogger lists 30 bloggers to watch in 2010.

• Website performance: what to know and what you can do.

• The 100 best links of 2009.

• Luxirare turns her otherworldly talents to making crayons but of course, there’s a twist.

• I really, really want to get a copy of Designers Don’t Read. Have you had a chance to read it? What do you think?

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