Link Love: 12.24.09

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Merry Kiss-mas!

• The Book Design Review shares its favorite book covers of 2009.

• Steve Pavlina’s 11 Ways to Gain Clarity is chock-full of timeless, solid advice. He says, “I’m sure you’ve read that clarity and focus are important qualities for success. Decide what you want, and then pursue it with passion and energy. But what if you’re feeling uncertain and don’t have a lot of clarity about your future direction? What if you can’t decide what you’d like to do next? This is a common problem, especially for today’s 20-somethings who are growing up in a world of unprecedented change. Fortunately there are many actions you can take and mental adjustments you can make that will help you shift from uncertainty to certainty.”

• The best movie posters of the decade. So much good stuff!

• Freelance Switch shares tips on how to stay productive over the holiday break.

• According to swissmiss, CardsInk “is for notecard design what Threadless is for T-Shirts. It’s a place where you can buy cards that are crowdsourced designs by its audience. The users vote on cards and the highest rated ones get printed. The designer gets paid $100. If they reprint the card the designer gets $50 for each reprint.”

• Could you read one book a week for an entire year?

• Amazing! A bunch of scans of the original plans for the Eiffel Tower.

• If you’ve ever had any questions about applying foundation, Amelia Arsenic answers them all!

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