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Link Love: 10.22.09

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mcqueen shoes

Paris Vogue: November Edition.

• Should you quit your job? Lee Stranahan writes:

Back in March, I blogged here about quitting my job. I was betting that I’d do better without a job in the current cutthroat corporate climate. For the past seven months, I’ve probably been the only HuffPost blogger living in a hotel with their family. That’s four people and two cats living in a very small space for over half the year. I’ve occasionally referred to it as being ‘homeless’ but of course that’s not accurate. Real homelessness doesn’t include maid service once a week and free HBO. It was cramped and crowded but I always considered us very lucky. This week, though, it all paid off…

• How to brand and name your blog.

• A three year old’s view of the New York City subway is super cute.

• Vintage 70s Russian posters are pretty awesome.

• Find out how increased productivity can actually hurt you.

• This is a golden lesson we all need to learn: How to respond effectively to design criticism.

• The history of web browsers.

• Problogger shares five ways to know if your blog is on the right track.

• Penguin consistently comes out with the best book covers.

• At the ripe old age of 70, Charles Bukowski started using a computer and never went back to a typewriter.

• Frigidaire has done away with their classic logo in favor of something much, much more modern. What’s your opinion of the outcome?

What are your favorite links of the week?

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