Link Love: 8.20.09

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• If you have some free time, try out the Personas Online Data Portraits. It essentially shows you how the internet perceives you.

Uncomfortable Plot Summaries is waaay funny (and I don’t even really watch movies). Notable examples include “THE GOONIES: Physically abused, retarded man finds love with overweight preteen” and “LORD OF THE RINGS: Midget destroys stolen property.”

12 tricks for optimizing your freelance career.

• Before Anna Wintour took over as editor-in-chief for American Vogue, she was a fashion editor at New York Magazine in the early 80s. View some of her early work.

• A collection of extreme Mickey Mouse ears. Amazing. (via gala darling)

• Gala Darling reminds us to love our grandparents. This article couldn’t have come at a better time because we keep running into the CUTEST little old people all over the East Village. A few days ago, a teeny tiny elderly woman asked Gala to help her reach a miniature box of Lucky Charms (!!!) off the top shelf at the market and then while out getting some snacks, we ran into an adorable old man at 2 a.m. buying his newspaper. Awwww.

• In Kill Your Darlings, eight well known book cover designers show us their favorite runners-up and explain how and why these covers were turned down.

• The article Wall Street Fears U.S. Consumers Won’t Spend really isn’t all that surprising. Now that we’ve learned to make do with less, do we really want to go back to having more (and the bills that go along with that lifestyle)?

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