Daily Archives: August 5, 2009

Media Kit Book

A solid resumé and a portfolio are standard issue these days. What can you do to push the boundaries, to go that extra mile? In my case, I was doing media kits for companies fairly regularly and then I had a light bulb moment; why not make one for myself? From what I can tell, media kits for individuals are pretty rare. But I have no shame in marketing myself and for a good reason. As a designer, you are your most important brand.

After creating a media kit, I turned it into a little book for mailing out to clients. While a PDF is great, some love to hold the actual product in their hands instead of staring at a screen. Here are some details of the results:

Right now, I’m preparing for a trip that’s going to be filled with many meetings and I am making a stack of these to bring along for leaving behind.

Readers: Do you have any unique and inventive ways that you market yourself?