Link Love: 7.23.09

• The August issue of Vogue Paris has a mind-blowing 64 page spread that features takes on some of fashion’s most iconic brands. Unbelievably cool!

• Vivienne Westwood always has the best quotes.

• Forever 21 is launching a new collection soon called Twist that’s inspired by the circus. Sounds pretty awesome to me!

• At some point, we’ve all been associated with a term that we find hurtful and when fellow blogger Marie of Agent Lover didn’t like how an article categorized her, she was brave enough to take a stand.

• Have you ever wondered what to wear when styling a photo shoot? Jazzi gives us a rundown of the necessities.

• Reading up on the homes listed on Celebrity Real Estate is oddly addicting. (thanks, Gala)

• You better believe it: Starbucks just dropped its name from one of its Seattle locations and has added alcohol to the menu! (via Social Cache)

• Web Urbanist covers the world’s 10 oldest still-inhabited cities. It’s a quick yet history-packed read!

• Find out how to treat your blog like a business.

• Remember Crocs, those horrid, hole-covered clogs in bright colors that everyone from preschoolers to your grandma wore? They’re finally dying off.

• I’m oddly fascinated by a new book that documents the rise of designer handbags.

• My friend Austin recently created a mini documentary series for Nemo Entertainment that highlights Bryce Kanights, a very influential skateboarder and photographer with interesting insights and views on skate culture. View his work here and here.

What are your favorite links of the week?

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