Advice #22: The Short & Sweet Edition

Over the last few months, I’ve had quite a few shorter questions rolling in that don’t warrant a full post so I’ve compiled them all in one place!

I was wondering if you have any thoughts on using first person language (I, me, my) for sponsorship decks and media kits? I am developing one for my blog right now and it feels unnatural to write about my own blog in the third person.

That’s a great question! Personally, I usually prefer the use of first person language. It really depends on the situation but constantly using third person language when addressing yourself and your blog to others can come across as cold and overly formal. That’s not a bad thing when you’re running a massive corporation but when it comes to many bloggers, freelancers and artists, we do almost everything ourselves. Being very hands-on in the development means that we know our businesses inside and out. I want my blog and design business to seem approachable and accessible to potential clients and advertisers; I feel that first person language helps to achieve this. There is no right or wrong answer regarding first versus third person language; it really comes down to a personal preference and what you feel most comfortable with.

I’m thinking of offering custom portrait illustrations on Etsy. I’ve noticed that when I send someone an image and they save it, the image goes fuzzy. I save my illustrations at 300 dpi and have tried both jpg and png formats. Where I am going wrong?

For professional work, I would try out a TIFF format instead. Though the file size is much larger and may be too big to send through email, Wikipedia says that “the ability to store image data in a lossless format makes a TIFF file a useful image archive, because, unlike standard JPEG files, a TIFF file using lossless compression (or none) may be edited and re-saved without losing image quality.” Read more about the TIFF format here.

I was wondering where I could find an interesting 2009 diary. My old one is running out as it is a financial year one. All of the ones available now are generic and boring. I am probably looking for something I can order in as I live in Australia. Any thoughts?

I admit to being completely biased in this area. Moleskines are my absolute favorites (I have stacks & stacks & stacks of them) and though they’re not necessarily the most interesting on the outside, isn’t it what you put on the inside that really counts? The paper has a perfectly smooth surface and there is also a hidden pocket in the back of each Moleskine which is perfect for stashing business cards and notes. The Moleskine website has a special section dedicated to just planners.

For more daring options, check out this list from Jonze Design.

As a freelance designer, if you had to decide between an iMac and a MacBook Pro to do all of your work on, which would you choose?

This is totally dependent on your situation. If you’re a freelancer that’s still a student, I would invest in a laptop. Dashing between school, an internship, home and client meetings, a MacBook Pro will make impromptu pitches and presentations much easier.

If you’re a freelancer that’s finished with school, I would recommend an iMac. The monitor size will make it much easier to see what you’re doing. When you’re working on huge client projects, a higher level of detail and accuracy is necessary.

From a personal standpoint, I only use my laptop for writing, doing research and surfing the net. Everything else is done while sitting at an iMac.

What are your favorite print/design magazines?

I have to be honest here; I don’t read many design magazines because I get my fix online with the dozens of design blogs that I subscribe to but two of my favorites are Grafik and Print.

I do read many fashion magazines on a regular basis though. They include V, Elle, W, Marie Claire, Lucky, Lula and NYLON.

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