What is Nubby: 2009 Media Kit

I’ve just finished my 2009 media kit, What is Nubby and below is the final outcome. It’s been coming together over the last few months and though the layouts started out very simple, I later decided to add some more drama to a few of the pages. The pages that are packed with advertising details and frequently asked questions are deliberately kept clean so that the information can get across while their counterparts with stats and short sentences are more bold.

In this lagging economy, many designers and agencies are playing it safe. They want to hold onto what they have and to keep everyone satisfied. In contrast, I think that now is the time to stand apart from the competition. Now is the time to build a brand that is bold and unique, that dares to take a fresh approach. A media kit is a great way to inform potential clients and advertisers about what you have to offer as well as a chance to convey an artistic style that incites interest.

As I have previously mentioned, though a media kit isn’t for everyone and a resumé along with a peek at your portfolio will usually suffice, sometimes it’s fun to step outside of the box and to experiment with different formats.

The 2009 Media Kit is available for download here.

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