Link Love: 6.18.09

Art by Stina Persson

• I really like the limited edition retro packaging of Ritz and Oreo products that will be featured in Target locations this summer. What do you think?

• Could you wear the same style of dress for an entire year? The Uniform Project is one girl’s exercise in sustainability. She has seven identical dresses, one for each day of the week and takes photos of how she styles them (thanks kirsten).

• Motel America: A collection of vintage motel signs.

• The Fallen Princesses Project shows us what would happen if the characters from Disney fairy tales didn’t end up living happily ever after (via swiss miss).

• The Alexander Girard Collection for Urban Outfitters has a lot of well designed household items and textiles but my favorite is the heart pillow.

• Plastic Flashback: A visual history of the credit card.

• SHOELUST is a blog all about….shoes. Really really good shoes.

• Escape From Cubicle Nation has penned an open letter to recent college graduates.

• In his new book, Alain de Botton wonders why are you working so hard?

• Book Covers Anonymous is worth a look for great type and image inspiration.

What are your favorite links of the week?

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