Daily Archives: June 5, 2009

What I Wore: 6.5.09

I’ve worn all of these pieces a ton of times on their own but somehow never together. I figured that it was time to put my own twist on the infamous Balmain look.

Vest, Target Go International
Tank top, Forever 21
Jeans, Kill City
Headband, belt and bracelet, Forever 21
Heels, Diana Broussard
Bag, Miu Miu

The Week in Pictures: 6.5.09

week in pictures nubby twiglet typography

More photobooths! This week, I met my friend & fellow designer Pam at a bar in my neighborhood and discovered that they had a photobooth in back. Excitement! These things are so hard to come by…

week in pictures nubby twiglet typography

Gnome sweet home. My brother thrifts some strange things. He showed up at my house a few days back with two 80s–era freaky gnomes with chipped eyes. Cute or not so cute?

week in pictures nubby twiglet typography

Red phone booths. While on an epic walk through super cute Portland neighborhoods a few nights back, I discovered this phone booth near 39th & Holgate. They’re so increasingly rare that I wonder if the only use they get is from the occasional collect call.

week in pictures nubby twiglet typography

No more Missbehave. I can’t believe that Missbehave is officially done. Sadness! They had recently interviewed me and I’d grown to be a huge fan of the mag (and their amazing choices in typography). You can still keep up with Samantha, the founder of Missbehave over at her other blog, The Hipster Mom.

week in pictures nubby twiglet typography

What’s Nubby? The 2009 media kit project continues! It’s still a huge work in progress but also so much fun to do something self-initiated. I’m still working out the details including the overall visual direction, but it’s slowly coming together.

Small update: I’ve been taking less photos lately because I’ve been preoccupied with a roster of new clients including an adorable PR company in Australia, Portland’s own Monster Vintage (they just gave me the most amazing 40’s era blouse that I can’t wait to share!) and Coilhouse Magazine. The Coilhouse girls have been so awesome to work with and we just completed an advertising solution for small businesses which you should definitely check out. Though this format has been done before online, taking it to print is such a great idea. Thank you all very much for your support of Nubbytwiglet.com!

How was your week?