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Link Love: 4.23.09

1. The creator of Comic Sans speaks out.

2. High end designers are rebelling against steep department store discounts that are slashing their profit margins.

3. Attention shopaholics! Urban Outfitters is offering free shipping on all U.S. online orders through April 27th at midnight. Just enter OHSHIP while checking out.

4. Do you participate in the famed Things I Love Thursday? Give it a try and be grateful for what you do have (instead of dwelling on what you don’t). I’m especially liking this quote by Louis E. Boone that Gala posted this week: “Don’t fear failure so much that you refuse to try new things. The saddest summary of a life contains two descriptions: might have, & should have.”

5. Is this the most inappropriate logo of all time?

6. America’s Newest Profession: Bloggers For Hire claims that “In America today, there are almost as many people making their living as bloggers as there are lawyers. Already more Americans are making their primary income from posting their opinions than Americans working as computer programmers or firefighters.” Amazing.

7. Find out why personal and business branding work best together.

8. According to Losing Its Cool At The Mall, teens are becoming much more value conscious when purchasing apparel and bypassing higher priced stores like Abercrombie altogether.

9. The new makeup line by Amelia Arsenic of Miss X Aesthetic Laboratories is truly, truly outrageous. Check out the red, black and white details and packaging!

What are your favorite links of the week?

Easing Into An Updated Corporate Identity

I just realized that my business cards are getting low and excitedly placed an order for the updated design today. Did I mention that graphics for the new version have been finished for over a month?

When reworking a pre-existing Corporate Identity, one of the most common misconceptions is that all of it will go into effect immediately. In reality, if you’ve been running a business for an extended period of time, chances are that you still have old materials to use up.

Updated 2009 Identity

My advice is to ease into your new identity at a pace that feels comfortable to you while avoiding the incurrence of unnecessary waste and debt. For instance, I’m still using up old mailing labels since the information on them is correct and the design has only slightly changed. Though, I am billing clients with my new invoice since I can immediately send it off in a PDF format via email.

It’s much easier for a small business such as mine to make the switch, but think of the logistical nightmare that a company like Pepsi must deal with when rolling out its recent rebranding. The undertaking of switching out the signage on store coolers, Pepsi-branded machines, delivery trucks, uniforms, websites and advertising along with corporate collateral requires a huge commitment and a massive, dedicated team (the rebranding is rumored to cost $1.2 billion over three years).

If you’re in the midst of refreshing your company’s image, here are a few tips to make the transition go as smoothly as possible:

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Start by changing out the logo on your website and produce new business cards immediately for very little investment. For business cards, I am a big fan of Overnight Prints. Besides being fast, consistent and affordable, you can order as little as 25 cards at a time.

Do you hand out a business card every day while your spool of branded CDs sits in the corner collecting dust? Are you constantly sending out invoices while your letterhead is buried in a supply closet? Pool your budget towards your most frequently used items and worry about the rest later.

Welcome to the digital age! Save major money on printing and shipping by using PDFs to send out your portfolio, resumés, invoices and rounds of work through email as much as possible. Almost all of my work is now done this way and client requests for hard copies via mail are extremely rare.

In these tight economic times, I am constantly hearing about creative professionals embracing the barter system. Perhaps you can offer a local printer a few hours of design time in exchange for their services. Think outside of the box. It never hurts to ask; your talents might be exactly what another creative is seeking right now.

Rebranding shouldn’t be viewed as a stressful experience. It’s a chance to freshen up your company’s image and to project it to the world in whatever manner you see fit. And, what could be better than that?

What I Wore: 4.22.09

Hello! I’m feelin’ a little Sergeant Pepper crossed with 80s-era Michael Jackson today. Like many of you, I found the Spring 2009 Balmain RTW collection to be totally stunning, but with some of the key pieces checking in at over $11,000.00, the reality of ever owning an authentic piece became laughable. Thank god for Target. After spotting a Balmain / 3.1 Phillip Lim inspired vest on Jazzi, I knew that I had to have one. I stopped into a random Target location this morning and found a single vest shoved to the back of a Go International display and could hardly believe my eyes. And for only $34.99, the quality is amazing!

Vest, Target Go International
Tank, Forever 21
Shorts, Forever 21
Watch, Nixon
Knee highs, Nordstrom
Bag, Miu Miu
Boots, Chloé

What’s In My Bag: Spring 2009

What’s in your bag? What you carry inside of your bag says a lot about you; it really is an extension of your personality. Even though it’s a bit voyeuristic, I love seeing what other people have hidden away in their bags. The color combinations, items and level of organization can speak volumes.

Every six months or so, it feels right to do one of these posts again (previous editions can be found here, here and here). Recently, I started using the Miu Miu Goddess bag from 2007 to carry my laptop. It’s been working out amazingly well having everything that I need in one place (I was previously lugging around both a tote and purse).

Contents include: Apple MacBook (not shown), Moleskine limited edition planner, YSL Y-Mail wallet, H&M coin purse, Samsung Blackjack, MAC Lipglass in Entice, MAC lipstick in Honeylove, MAC Pro Lash mascara and Studio Fix, Clinique Superbalm, Marc Jacobs heart mirror, Lolita business card case, Stabilo felt-tip pen, Mouth With Pill stickers and various keys.

What kind of bag are you using and what are your must-have essentials?

2009 Portfolio

My 2009 portfolio is now available for download! Unfortunately, I had to leave out most of the client work that I’ve developed over the last year since much of it hasn’t been released. I’ve been lucky to design some new product lines, apparel graphics and blogs and I’ll be posting details on all of these as soon as they’re out!

*Click Image to View and Download 2009 Portfolio*

Clients that I’ve worked with include Virgin Records, Forever 21, American Eagle, New Line Cinema, Skullcandy, Smith Optics, HP, Lucy Activewear, MercyCorps Phoenix Fund, Gala Darling and more.

I am currently available for projects including Logos, Corporate Identity, Editorial Design, Apparel Graphics, Mixed Media Collage, Packaging and Poster Design. Rates vary depending on the amount of hours and scale of the project, so please email me at Nubby @ for a quote.


Galliano Gazette Newsprint Scarf

Being a total typography nerd, I love to carry over elements into my wardrobe whenever possible. When I walked into a thrift store this weekend, I already knew that I’d hit the jackpot from 15 feet away. I immediately recognized the iconic newsprint pattern and Galliano, Galliano, Galliano! was going through my mind. The best part? The scarf was $2.00!

The signature Galliano Gazette print pops up in nearly all of his collections, but the newer versions are much more wearable (and affordable). You can find the iconic print on tons of other amazing items at Styledrops.