Daily Archives: April 30, 2009

Link Love: 4.30.09

1. Skelliewag explains that if we find our flow, the money will follow.

2. The New York City Transit Authority Graphic Standard Manual is so well designed! Of course, you can’t go wrong with a red binder stuffed with pages covered in Helvetica. (via draplin)

3. Tricia of bits and bobbins always gets us thinking! This week she wonders, Would you wear garbage?

4. See actual photos of all of the amazing finds that were up for sale in Michael Jackson’s Neverland Estate auction. Word is that at the last minute, he negotiated to have everything returned to him. I don’t blame him; this stuff is way too awesome to sell off! (via hannah)

5. Sally of Already Pretty discusses the importance of investing in quality shoes and how they can elevate any outfit. I’m honored that she chose to feature me alongside fellow shoe lover Jane Aldridge in the article!

6. Jazzi answers many intern-related questions and she should know since she’s done seven internships to date!

7. Learn more about the ampersand than you ever thought possible.

8. Exciting news! In the digital age, vinyl is making a comeback! According to the article, LP sales were up 89% in 2008. I’ve been collecting records since high school; don’t get me started on my WHAM! picture discs and the entire catalog of Journey albums.

9. Creative barcodes, anyone?

What are your favorite links of the week?