Daily Archives: April 20, 2009

2009 Portfolio

My 2009 portfolio is now available for download! Unfortunately, I had to leave out most of the client work that I’ve developed over the last year since much of it hasn’t been released. I’ve been lucky to design some new product lines, apparel graphics and blogs and I’ll be posting details on all of these as soon as they’re out!

*Click Image to View and Download 2009 Portfolio*

Clients that I’ve worked with include Virgin Records, Forever 21, American Eagle, New Line Cinema, Skullcandy, Smith Optics, HP, Lucy Activewear, MercyCorps Phoenix Fund, Gala Darling and more.

I am currently available for projects including Logos, Corporate Identity, Editorial Design, Apparel Graphics, Mixed Media Collage, Packaging and Poster Design. Rates vary depending on the amount of hours and scale of the project, so please email me at Nubby @ Nubbytwiglet.com for a quote.


Galliano Gazette Newsprint Scarf

Being a total typography nerd, I love to carry over elements into my wardrobe whenever possible. When I walked into a thrift store this weekend, I already knew that I’d hit the jackpot from 15 feet away. I immediately recognized the iconic newsprint pattern and Galliano, Galliano, Galliano! was going through my mind. The best part? The scarf was $2.00!

The signature Galliano Gazette print pops up in nearly all of his collections, but the newer versions are much more wearable (and affordable). You can find the iconic print on tons of other amazing items at Styledrops.