Link Love: 4.9.09

1. Find out why PR matters in a down economy.

2. TWTRCOM is an upcoming event in San Francisco that focuses on Twitter as a business model.

3. Learn how to develop an elevator pitch for your blog.

4. In Madonna’s Defense covers the reasons why she should have been allowed to adopt another child from Malawi including:

Almost a third of all children in Malawi will die before they reach their fifth birthdays; of those, another third will die before they get to 10. Add in the people who will die of gun violence or other crimes, and you have only a vague idea of the horror of living in one of the poorest nations on earth.

5. The new Columbine book cover manages to be both subtle and haunting.

6. David Airey provides some insight on using freelance graphic design contracts.

7. 10 free MP3s to brighten your week.

8. I sincerely hope that this is the fashion of the future.

9. Kris Atomic has pulled together an astounding collection of vintage photos from a Flickr stream that will truly leave you in awe.

10. Who knew that a Canadian Graphic Design book from 1970 could be so cool? (via draplin)

11. How close is this recession to the Great Depression? (via murketing)

12. 10 shirts every type nerd must own. (via thallium)

13. Armin of Speak Up gives the back story on why he decided to give up a life in Brooklyn to move to Austin.

14. Find out how to craft your personal business model.

15. I’ve been noticing this happening much more recently. How about you? Magazines are blurring the line between ads and articles.

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