Link Love: 4.2.09

Madonna by Patrick Demarchelier, 1990

1. Topshop was recently handing out super cute gift bags in New York City to celebrate their grand opening and here’s what was inside. Cute! (via bianca)

2. Don’t design a sphere-based logo.

3. The Arial typeface is everywhere. Find out more about its history and how it has since spread across the world. And, it was copied from Helvetica (via speak up)!

4. The Endangered Fashion Magazine is a compelling read about why mainstream fashion magazines have lost their appeal (via doe deere).

5. Dirty Flaws is a blog about dark, cool fashion and other amazing delights. No further explanation needed, just check it out!

6. Thank god someone got the message and finally fixed Michelle Obama’s eyebrows (also via doe deere).

7. I always love reading these types of articles: Building an Empire Around Your Blog.

8. Hipster Runoff kind of makes my brain hurt but I can’t help but be intrigued by a post that mentions Michael Jackson and metaphors that may (or may not) make sense.

9. Gala Darling’s The International Playgirl Credo is full of timeless traveling advice. This girl knows her stuff; we’ve traveled to New York, Vegas and Hollywood in the last eight months together with great success!

10. How to start (or start over) building your personal brand.

11. Relive the 90s holy grail of teen mags with a look back at Kurt & Courtney on Sassy and find out what really went on behind the scenes!

12. Should your blog revolve around a niche topic?

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