Link Love: 3.26.09

1. Is it time to retire the black and white logo?

2. From the Small Business Marketing Guide: The Do’s and Don’ts of DIY Design.

3. A few clips from Carine Roitfeld’s long awaited CNN interview can be found here.

4. If possible, avoid the ‘power up’ symbol in your logo (via speak up).

5. “is intended to be a humorous look at what can go wrong when an unskilled person (your neighbor’s brother’s uncle’s friend anyone?!) designs a logo.”

6. Six Six Sick wonders, what do we have if we don’t have our own integrity? There’s a big difference between being inspired by something and by flat out ripping it off and the people doing it the most may surprise you…

7. Hmm. What does one trillion dollars look like? I know you’re curious! (via tishon).

8. Park & Cube shows us how to DIY the Rodarte S/S 2009 cut-out leggings.

9. The Guilted Age: Spending to Keep Others Afloat (via murketing).

10. In case you’re curious, here’s a peek inside the abandoned mansion of Mike Tyson.

11. Doe Deere tackles the age of 27 and it’s a good read, whether you were, are or will be 27 soon. I’m 27 and agree with what she’s saying and the comments are also worth reading to see what others’ experiences have been at that pivotal age.

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