Link Love: 2.26.08

1. The Dangers of Personal Branding is a good read. It has many valid points, but in the end I think it’s still important to do what you think is right.

2. Storefront: The Disappearing Facade of New York is “a visual guide to New York City’s timeworn storefronts, a collection of powerful images that capture the neighborhood spirit, familiarity, comfort and warmth that these shops once embodied.”

3. The LA Times article Conspicuous Thrift makes an interesting argument that the rich need to keep on spending to keep things moving along…otherwise we’re all in serious trouble.

4. David Airey explains the difference between agencies and freelancers.

5. LOVE magazine now has a website. Click to view some awesome content (and the rest of the very bare Beth Ditto pictures). Oh, they also have a blog, too!

6. Hands down, the Chandelier Creative Ad Agency in New York has THE coolest office EVER (via verhext).

7. Mickey Rourke is my new hero. Anyone who gives an acceptance speech over six minutes long and thanks a deceased dog, the Santa Monica Police Dept. and a woman named ‘Gap Tooth’ deserves a standing ovation! I love it when someone throws caution to the wind and keeps it real. He’s the first person I’d want to hang out with if I was in Miami!

8. Wow, that was fast! Tropicana has reverted back to its old packaging. I actually didn’t mind the new look, but I’m a fan of clean design with sans serif typefaces. Oh well. Now, if only Pepsi would take the hint and follow suit.

9. New York Magazine investigates the deteriorating retail climate and wonders what it will take for small businesses, shops and restaurants to survive (via bits and bobbins).

10. In The Case Against Thrift, Judith Levine argues that the results of the economic downturn include some unsavory findings (such as people boiling and reusing dental floss! Yuck.)

11. The 50 Dollar Logo Experiment is beyond funny in part because the resulting logos are so bad!

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