Daily Archives: February 19, 2009

Link Love: 2.19.09

This photo has nothing to do with Link Love, but I found it via FFFFOUND! and have been totally obsessed.

1. 25 random things about graphic design is totally random..and totally awesome.

2. This collage from MissDIOR Couture features images of my artwork, business cards and even my psychedelic rug!!!

3. FIT is having a gothic moment. This exhibition is bound to be good!

4. Fashionista is the definitive source for down and dirty gossip from New York’s Fashion Week.

5. News flash! Real luxury is back and the rich like it that way. According to the article, “The rich like it better that everybody can’t be part of the luxury boom anymore.”

6. 5 ways to find direct advertisers for your blog.

7. If you’re looking for an internship that’s fashion/lifestyle PR or editorial related, check out Ruby Press and send over your resumé!

8. Thank god Gilda’s back! I love her and you should, too.

9. There’s something totally captivating about this Vogue China shoot featuring Jen Brill.

10. An excerpt from Relating to Fans Means Helping Them Relate to Each Other:

The relationship between fans and artists is less and less like a business relationship in which artists and industry set the terms and audiences either buy or don’t, and more and more like a social relationship in which bands and fans have to negotiate terms together. They are independent, they have their own goals, and they will do things you don’t like. They can also help you.