Link Love: 1.1.09

1. How to do almost anything with social media.

2. Comics are trying to adapt to the drying up of print newspapers.

3. 2009 will be the year of the uber blog.

4. How to restart a dead or dormant blog.

5. Buy This Way: Eight ways people are shirking good old-fashioned capitalism.

6. 15 examples of ambigram logos.

7. A year ago, many luxury retailers opened boutiques on Wall Street. Now, they’re struggling big time.

8. Pretty Much Amazing gives us the best remixes and the best covers of 2008!

9. Dave Allen’s predictions for 2009. Listen up!

10. Multiple streams of income for digital nomads has some ideas if your goal is to branch out monetarily in 2009.

11. 69 questions to ask to review your blog.

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