Daily Archives: December 18, 2008

Link Love: 12.18.08

1. Now that Yahoo has done a big round of layoffs, what will happen to Flickr?

2. Cary Tennis always delivers the best advice to people in awkward situations. Recent gems include My Demons Took Control of Me, I Suddenly Stopped Going To Work, I Slept With My Brother’s Roommate, and last but not least, My Ex in a Lesbian Affair is Cheating On Her Husband With a Man.

3. Beautiful and inspiring quotes from designers can be found here.

4. Do you have a blog strategy?

5. This is perhaps the best organized closet I’ve ever seen. Amazing.

6. A collection of photos featuring London shop fronts via swissmiss.

7. A handy chart of Adobe Photoshop CS3 shortcuts that’s available in a handy downloadable PDF!

8. The JAK & JIL BLOG is still the best place to view outlandish shoes and the best insider fashion snapshots around!