Link Love: 12.4.08

1. The iconic I ♥ NY campaign (originally designed in 1977 by Milton Glaser) has undergone a face lift.

2. Amazing book covers of 2008!

3. Do art schools care about your GPA?

4. A dilemma that many luxury magazines are facing these days: How do you promote expensive goods without seeming out of touch with the economic crisis?

5. How to market to bloggers according to Timothy Ferriss.

6. Vogue Paris mimics the aging process from 10 to 60 through makeup and photography.

7. Starving artists are no longer starving.

8. My brother has a cool new shirt design for sale on the Urban Outfitters website.

9. Advice for adjusting your marketing strategy in a down economy.

10. This only takes a second to read but is worth it! Simple but so true.

11. 40 amazing business card designs!

12. Click here for gift ideas for the type obsessed!

13. Big, bold & beautiful typefaces! Yum!

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