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What I Wore: 11.22.08

nubby twiglet what i wore fashion style

This is what I wore out to the suburbs last night where I was subsequently whisked away to a martini bar where a very large drunk woman fell over and smeared a piece of her birthday cake across the table. Two other ladies were trying to hold her up but without much luck…because they were very drunk also. I was a little worried as I looked over my shoulder and saw the same lady nearly stumble down a flight of stairs on her way out. Who says that there’s nothing going on these days out in the suburbs?! Haha!

nubby twiglet what i wore fashion style

What I wore:

Jacket , Wilson’s
cardigan, DKNY
Shirt, LA Made
Pants, Target
Boots, Harley Davidson (with custom treads)
Purse, Miu Miu

Link Love: 11.20.08

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