Nixon Chalet Watch

I’ve desperately needed a new watch for the last year or so. The two I wear regularly have been dying a slow, slow death. The red cross model that I paid $12.99 for at Target three years ago has a splitting band and my trusty Swatch Typically Square from 2002 also needs a new band.

I’d been casually searching for a replacement, but I had some specific needs. The watch needed to be squared off, not at all sporty, to have a non-rubbery band and to be adjustable.

After sifting through the watch selections of Chanel, Philippe Starck for Fossil, Nooka and coming up empty handed while trying to find information on the much heralded launch by Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy, I went back to my original plan.

The Nixon Chalet had been on my mind since I saw this bamboo model last year, but I decided black was a lot more practical and versatile.

In the reviews I read, many people relayed that the watch is chunky for a woman’s style, which is what I really like most about it. At the same time, the sleek, streamlined stylings of the watch face and band balance the weightiness out. The band has an enamel inlay and links can be added or removed.

I’m very happy with the sturdiness of the Chalet. I am probably not Nixon’s target customer, but this watch has totally won me over!

Do you wear a watch?
What’s your favorite brand or style of watch?

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