Monthly Archives: November 2008

Link Love: 11.27.08

1. Recession Chic: In troubled economic times, people may dress according to who they really are rather than who they want to be (via Business of Fashion).

2. The Helvetica edition of Moleskine is pretty much the best thing ever.

3. From now on, I am paying for everything with Chanel coins.

4. Click for your fortune of the day. It’s a good one! Promise!

5. An excerpt from Karl Lagerfeld’s run-in with pervs:

As of late there have been some pervs writing into the blog. They say things like:
“Oh, Karl, I want to suck on your little leather gloves and lick your tough high starched collar, and unstich your Tom Ford suit thread-by-thread.” So I asked for a picture and it turned out this perv was Marc Jacobs.

6. Google now has a feature that allows you to search through millions of historic LIFE photos! The archive, stretching from the 1750s to today is high resolution and most of the images have never been published.

7. Behold the first ever digital polaroids!

8. 7 essential things you should be doing while your blog is still young.

9. This is from ages ago, but I love this artist’s sketches of imaginary shoes. Double heels and hooves, oh my!