Advice #14: The Short and Sweet Edition

Over the last few months, many brief questions have rolled in so I’ve decided to answer these all at once. Don’t worry, I’ll be back to tackling your more lengthy inquiries next week!

1. Does the giant “A” decor in your home and on your business cards have any meaning or is it just decoration?

I’m a big typography nerd, but the the recurring A doesn’t have any significant meaning. I just like the way it looks! The uppercase Helvetica A is my all-time favorite, followed by the lowercase Bodoni a.

a red typography

2. I’m wondering, what’s the background story on your lips & pill logo?

The mouth with pill got its start years ago when I was really into medical imagery. A friend in New York sent me a shoe box stuffed with goodies and inside, there were a few oversized colored metal pills. I thought it would be cool to chomp down on one and take some photos. They caught on and became instantly associated with my brand so I turned one of the photos into a logo. Eventually, the photos became the basis for my first art piece in 2005.

mouth pill art

3. I’m just curious as to where I can acquire a tuxedo jacket similar to the one you wore to your birthday shindig.

Though tuxedo jackets have been big in fashion for awhile now, mine is of the vintage variety. It’s a boy’s size and originated from a used tux reseller on Ebay for less than $20.00. The label is Lord West.

4. I was wondering how you and Gala Darling met?

Gala’s birthday is September 13th and mine is September 14th. Back in 2006, we were both in New York celebrating our birthdays, unbeknownst to one another. Our mutual friend Star hung out with us a day apart and she mentioned that I should meet Gala. Though we never crossed paths on that trip, we later struck up conversations online and hit it off.

gala darling nubby twiglet new york embracePhoto by Bianca Alexis

When we were both back in New York during June 2008, we finally met in person. The bond was immediate; it’s like we’d known each other all along! Since we’re both Virgos that love to blog, shop, eat and constantly take photos, we’re a pretty ideal match. Since then, we’ve spent 10 solid days together and in the process, ran the Virgo Boarding House (our tattooed host was amazingly gracious!), celebrated our birthdays in Central Park, discussed Michael Jackson’s pajama choices and attended a blogging convention in Vegas! Who knows where our next adventure will take us…

5. How do you separate work from your personal design?

This is way easier than it seems! My life at work and outside of work cross over pretty heavily. I blog and design all day at Nemo and if I was at home, I’d be doing the same exact thing (except, I’d have the T.V. tuned into Dr. Phil and Oprah)!

Even though I love designing for myself, it’s impossible to be ‘on’ and full of creativity all the time. Stepping outside of my personal space and working on projects for clients at work has made me a better designer because of the huge variety of work. Oh, and it never really feels like work because my coworkers are awesome.

6. You have such fantastic clothes, do you display them like art?

I don’t display any of my clothing. I prefer it to be hung up by color! I do display my favorite shoes, though.

Thanks for tuning in! As always, if you have a question that you’d like answered, please direct it here.

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