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The Week in Pictures: 10.24.08

week in pictures nubby twiglet typography

week in pictures nubby twiglet inspiration

Welcome to the Week in Pictures! This is some of the inspiration I keep posted above my home desk. Underneath all that imagery is a magnetic board by Three By Three.

week in pictures nubby twiglet headphones nemo

At Nemo, we just finished a project that’s stretched over the last few weeks. If you have the opportunity, I always advise working with people way more skilled and talented than you because you learn so much more that way!

nubby twiglet grandpa grandma

Tuesday was a bittersweet day as I said goodbye to my Grandma, but my Grandma & Grandpa from my dad’s side showed up and kept us company. Can you believe that they’re 80?! It totally blows me away.

nubby twiglet grandpa

My brother and Grandpa showed up separately, both wearing black hats. Everyone calls my Grandpa ‘Sharky.’ He got the nickname back in the 80s on a plane ride to Reno!

nubby twiglet mom

My Mom was in town from Phoenix so we got to spend a ton of time together. I’m looking forward to seeing her again in December. Sounds much more inviting that freezing to death in Portland!

nubby twiglet art show nemo design portland oregon

In other news, it’s been so nice walking down the Nemo hallway every morning with the walls covered in my art. I’ll be sad to see it go at the end of the month!

nubby twiglet art show nemo design portland oregon

Are you also addicted to the Polaroid Image Maker? I can’t stop…these are some of my favorites so far!

How was your week?