The Week in Pictures: 9.26.08 Vegas Edition!!!

las vegas pool nubby

My week was pretty monumental. It’s hard to believe, but spending four days in Vegas changed my life for the better (and didn’t require the cliché vices of gambling, hookers or excessive drinking to be off the charts!)

Gala Darling just made this video of our time in Vegas and it’s pretty awesome! It sums up our stay perfectly!

Last Friday, Gala and I flew from New York to Vegas for the Blogworld Expo. We gained some serious insight and inspiration and met some of our blogging idols in the process, but that deserves another post entirely (coming very soon, promise)!

Some of the highlights during our downtime included:

las vegas blogworld  expo

1. Wandering through the Mirage at 2 a.m., trying on white tiger masks. RAWWWR! (Sigfried and Roy were not spotted).

las vegas buffet

2. Frequenting all-you-can-eat buffets and mixing a minimum of four nationalities of food.

las vegas chandelier

3. Receiving V.I.P. access to private parties at clubs with crazy chandeliers.

las vegas gala nubby

4. Running into a guy wearing a bear suit in the middle of a casino at 3 a.m.

5. Soaking up the sun by our hotel pool (and sneaking back in later to take photos)!

las vegas

6. Lights & Glitz! Everywhere!

las vegas blogworld  expo

7. Posing next to Kiss (okay, their costumes!) at the Hard Rock Hotel.

Honorable mentions: We consulted a free magazine with Criss Angel on the cover many times and christened it our Criss Angel Bible; limousines; pole dances by drunk monorail passengers; California Pizza Kitchen; massive red slushy drinks at the pool; a cop guarding the all-you-can-eat buffet (!), the NASCAR café, walking miles in ridiculous heels; disco naps; seriously contemplating $1,600.00 handbags; enthusiastic hotel staff and relaxing by the pool after a long weekend of blogging seminars!

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